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Cashew Nut Roasting Machine 
Value Addition by Cashew Nut Roasting

cashew roasting machine

– Capacity: 50 kg/batch.
– Times: 15-20 min/batch
– Fuel: gas (0.8 – 1 kg gas/h). Use burners infrared high temperature, fuel economy
– Control panel: Includes motor pulling roasted barrel, motor vibration when the materials ready. The clock displays the temperature of roasted barrel. Open automatically disconnect gas preset temperature, temperature display on the control panel
– There is vibrating screen separating the salt and then roasted own products.
– Products are manufactured by machines supply the food safety standards cause of sus 304 stainless steel material.
Frame is made by steel and painted outside. Barrel outside is made by Stainless steel
-Workforce: 01 people


Products are nice color, without being scorched.

Easy to operate and control products

Safety in use and high economic efficiency

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