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We are a leading manufacturer & exporters of Cashew Processing Machinery from Vietnam.

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We supply individual Cashew Processing Equipments as well as offer Turnkey Solutions and Project Consultancy.

cashew cutting machine

Cashew Shelling

Automatic Cashew Shelling Line with Scooping System. We offer Individual Cashew Cutters also.

cashew peeling machine

Cashew Peeling

High Efficiency Cashew Nut Peeling machine with dual Mechanical & Pneumatic System.

cashew vacuum packing machine

Vacuum Packing

Vacuum Packing Line & Vacuum Machine for Export Worthy Packing as well as for TIN Packing.

cashew steaming machine

Cashew Steaming

Rotary Drum as well as fixed Steamer for Raw Cashew Nuts with automatic in-feed .

cashew kernel classify machine

Cashew Classify

Mechanical Cashew Classify Machine with SS Rollers giving 4 Sizes.

cashew roasting machine

Roasting Machine

Cashew Nut Roasting Machine with multiple Power Options, Gas/Wood/Electricity.

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 We follow a customer centric approach. Every solution offered is customized to individual processors needs. Apart from supplying machines, we offer production trials and onsite training for the processors. Plan your visit to our factory to see the machines in production and dicuss your requirement in detail.

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We are a Engineering Company with a professional setup and implementing best manufacturing practices to offer right product at right price.

People at TTQ carry many years of rich experience in Cashew Industry. We have a strong focus on Research & Development, focusing on meeting industry needs and demand. Innovative technology at right price keeps the industry competitive and helps the processors with best ROI for our machines. We strive to better our delivery and service everyday. 

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Industry Leader with over 20 years of experience in delivering world class solutions for Cashew Processing at the most Competitive Prices. 

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Whatever be your cashew processing need, we have a solution for you. From design, layout, Installation, Commissioning to Trial Production, we have solution for everything. Our smallest capacity starts from 1 Ton Per day to a Largest capacity of 20 Tons Per Day in single shift operation. 




What Constitutes a Sufficient Cashew Processing Plant?

A solid Cashew Processing Process will outline the critical steps involved in raw cashew nut processing, guiding new cashew processors into the market and assisting existing cashew processors in upgrading or optimizing their cashew processing. We manufacture a variety of raw cashew nut processing machines in a variety of models and capacities to ensure the successful processing of raw cashew nuts. We are constantly striving to provide solutions that enable cashew nut processors to make informed decisions about proper cashew nut processing practices, processing methods and models, factory size, and management systems that ensure their cashew nut processing business’s viability and competitiveness.

Raw Cashew Nut and the Industry of Cashew Nut Machinery

Africa accounts for 53% of global cashew production. Thus, raw cashew nut processing at the source has become a lucrative business in Africa, as worldwide purchasers prefer high-quality kernels processed at the source. Traceability, robust supply chain connections, and compliance with international food safety regulations are critical components of developing a competitive raw cashew nut processing business in Africa. TTQs role in being a Industry Leader in Offering Cashew Processing Solutions The processing of raw cashew nuts entails a series of steps that result in high-quality kernels suitable for ingestion. The process is lengthy, labor demanding, and requires careful selection of technology and processes at each stage to ensure efficient and competitive processing. Processors can choose the most appropriate processing model for their business based on the technology mix, methodologies, and systems available at each step. To stay ahead of the competition in raw cashew nut processing, methods, technology, and adoption of the current trends in cashew processing are required. We provide complete cashew processing solutions, including raw cashew nut grading, boiler steam steaming, shelling and peeling, as well as cashew kernel grading and vacuum packing. Our machines and procedures are continually updated to reflect the current trends in the cashew industry.

A Quick Overview of the Cashew Processing Machinery

The raw cashew nut processing process begins with drying and preserving the raw cashew nuts appropriately throughout the year. The following procedures comprise a variety of operations designed to dislodge the cashew kernel from its shell. The cashew kernel is the final edible consumer product. This intricate technique adds significant value to the raw cashew nut. The following are the aims of raw cashew nut processing:
• Extracting the maximum amount of kernels possible from the raw cashew nut
• Preventing kernel breakage
• Preserving the characteristic light white cashew color
• Preserving the kernels’ original flavor. Take note that naturally flavored cashew kernels are chlorophenol-free
• Ensuring that kernels meet international requirements for food safety prior to consumption The accomplishment of these goals results in the acquisition of high-quality cashew kernels at a reasonable price. Unlike almonds and hazelnuts, which have a hollow shell, the cashew kernel is cushioned by a honeycomb layer called the testa. Thus, raw cashew nut processing entails more sophisticated stages in order to get the half-moon shaped, light ivory, and naturally tasting kernel.
The raw cashew nut processing process consists of three (3) critical stages:
a) Heat treatment: Applying direct heat, hot oil, or steam to fresh cashew nuts prepares them for shelling and aids shell removal.
b) Shelling and peeling: The hard shell is broken or split to reveal the kernel with testa, which is then separated from the shell. After shelling, the testa of the cashew kernel must be removed. After removing the shell and testa, the white kernels are obtained. The shells contain caustic Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL), which can cause workers’ hands to burn or blister. Additionally, it has the potential to damage cashew processing machinery.
c) Grading: The primary processing procedure concludes with the classification of kernels and their packing for distribution and sale. These three fundamental phases of raw cashew nut processing encompass a variety of various heating, shelling, and peeling techniques. Any approach is subject to the availability of technologies and resources, such as energy, water, and labor, as well as knowledge of local customs. During the planning stage of establishing a raw cashew nut processing facility, the investor and potential processor must make decisions about cashew processing size, systems, and models

Cashew Shelling Machines

Cashew Shelling is the process of extracting the raw cashew nut kernels from their shells. Shelling is used to maximize the proportion of whole/complete kernels and to prepare them for easier peeling.
De-shelling is the most crucial stage in the raw cashew nut manufacturing process. Precision and accuracy are critical to avoiding kernel failure.
For Shell removal: To extract the kernels, the shell is removed by breaking or chopping the raw cashew nuts. This is accomplished by cutting open the shells using either manually operated machinery or completely automated shelling devices.
Separating kernels from the shell can be accomplished in three ways: manually, using a little pointed instrument, or with a separation machine. Existing machines are incapable of completely decoupling kernels and shells. As a result, the kernel and shell must be manually separated.
The corrosive action of CNSL in raw cashew nut shells can be avoided by rubbing workers’ hands with vegetable oils (coconut oil, castor seed oil, linseed oil, flax seed oil) or ashes.
Another precaution is to wear rubber gloves while shelling.
Following separation, kernels are classified into three groups: 1) complete kernels 2) kernels that are broken, and 3) rejections.
To achieve the final cashew kernel, the entire and cracked kernels are further processed. Rejects are revised to obtain kernels suitable for further processing into high-quality kernels.
The shells are used as fuel in the cashew processing factory’s machinery. Additionally, the shell is used for biofuel and the extraction of CNSL. The remainder of the CNSL extraction mass may be utilized to make fuel briquettes. These shell by-products are sold to boost their competitiveness

Cashew Peeling Machines

Cashew Peeling is the process through which the testa is separated from the kernel. The majority of factories employ a combination of automated and hand peeling. Peeling machines separate the testa from the kernel by friction and air pressure. Mechanised peeling, on the other hand, does not remove all testa from the kernels. Thus, automated peeling is frequently used in conjunction with human peeling to completely remove the testa. The performance of automated peelers is highly dependent on the kernels’ intrinsic peelability and the efficacy of the thermal shock treatment. Small knives are used to remove the testa in the entirely manual peeling process.

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