Cashew Peeling Machine Price - Precise Peeling Process, Optimizing Cashew Processing

The peeling stage is a critical step that requires specialized equipment to maximize efficiency, product quality, and profitability. Cashew peeling machines play a vital role in this process, automating the delicate task of removing the tough outer testa (skin) from the precious cashew kernel.

Understanding the factors that influence the pricing of these machines is essential for cashew processors looking to make informed investments. Intricacies of cashew peeling machine prices and help you understand the market to find the optimal solution for your business.

Understanding Cashew Peeling Machines

Cashew peeling machines are designed to automate the labor-intensive task of removing the testa (skin) from raw cashew nuts. These machines employ various mechanisms, such as rollers, blades, or abrasive surfaces, to gently and efficiently peel the nuts without damaging the delicate kernels. By automating this process, cashew peeling machines can significantly improve productivity, consistency, and product quality compared to manual peeling methods.

  • Efficient removal of the testa without damaging the valuable kernel
  • Consistent product quality and uniformity
  • Increased yield and reduced waste
  • Streamlined operations and improved productivity
cashew peeling machine price
cashew peeling machine

Factors Affecting Cashew Peeling Machine Prices

The prices of cashew peeling machines can vary significantly, influenced by a range of factors:

Capacity and Throughput

Machines with higher processing capacities and faster throughput rates generally command higher prices. Determine your production volume requirements to select the appropriate machine size.

  • Machine size and processing capacity (e.g., kilograms per hour)
  • Degree of automation and integration with other processing equipment

Technological Features

Fully automated cashew peeling machines tend to be more expensive than semi-automatic or manual models. However, automation can significantly improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure consistent output quality.

  • Precision peeling mechanisms and adjustable settings
  • Integrated sorting, grading, and quality control systems
  • Advanced sensors and computerized controls for enhanced efficiency

Precision and Accuracy:

Machines that offer precise and accurate testa removal, minimizing kernel damage, often come at a premium price point due to their advanced technology and engineering.

Construction and Materials

  • Quality of materials used (e.g., stainless steel, high-grade plastics)
  • Durability and resistance to wear and tear
  • Ergonomic design and ease of maintenance

Customization and Specialized Requirements

  • Modifications to accommodate specific processing needs or product variations
  • Integration with existing production lines or upstream/downstream equipment

Location and Market Dynamics

  • Shipping and logistics costs to the destination
  • Regional variations in pricing and market competition

Budgeting and Cost Considerations

When budgeting for a cashew peeling machine, it’s essential to consider not only the upfront purchase price but also the long-term operational costs, including:

  • Energy consumption and utility expenses
  • Maintenance, repairs, and replacement of consumable parts
  • Labor costs for operation and maintenance
  • Potential upgrades or replacements over the machine’s lifespan

Additionally, explore financing options, government incentives, or leasing programs that could help offset the initial investment.

Our Range of Cashew Peeling Machines:

At TTQ Co. Ltd., we offer a diverse selection of cashew peeling machines designed to meet the specific needs of cashew processors. Our product line includes:

1 Head Peeling Machine

– Capacity : 100-150 kg/h
– Air Compresor:30 HP

2 Head Peeling Machine

– Capacity : 200-250 kg/h
– Air Compressor: 50 HP

3 Head Peeling Machine

– Capacity : 250-300 kg/h
– Air Compressor: 75 HP

4 Head Peeling Machine

– Capacity : 350-400 kg/h
– Air Compressor: 100 HP

Standard Cashew Peeling Machine Price

– Percentage of white wholes: 80-85%.
– Broken rate: <10% .( if done well before peeling stages as drying and rewetting, the rate will be lower )
– Machine frame: rectangular iron 30x60x2 mm.
– Air blower frame: square iron 40x40x1.8 mm.
– All of components tangency with cashew kernels is stainless steel.
– Electrical control cabinet (with inverter control speed step less regulation) 02 automatic mode or manual
– Containers, automatic feeder vibration and bucket
– -Section peeling by mechanical (rotary cage and besom)
– Section peeling by air pressure. (conveyors and shot air burner)
– The separate unbroken and broken (Axis option)
– Vacuum fans system, cyclone and through filter we got PP.
– Gas pipeline, pressure regulator valve, solenoid valve switching.
– All parts of the equipment make up 01 unions peeled perfect
– Weight: 900 kg
– Workforce: 02 people

Why Choose TTQ Co. Ltd. Cashew Peeling Machine Price?

  • Competitive pricing without compromising on quality, precision, or performance.
  • Durable and reliable machines engineered for longevity and low maintenance costs.
  • Customizable solutions tailored to your specific processing requirements.
  • Excellent after-sales support, including installation, training, and maintenance services.
  • A commitment to sustainability, with energy-efficient and eco-friendly machine options available.

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