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At the heart of efficient cashew processing lies our Raw Cashew Nut Automatic Shelling Line, a technological marvel designed to delicately crack open raw cashews with precision. This automated process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures the integrity of each cashew kernel. categorize raw cashew nuts, this machine is the linchpin in ensuring the quality and uniformity of your cashew products.

Raw Cashew Nut shelling Machine

This Automatic Shelling Line is more than machinery; it's a commitment to precision, utilizing advanced automation to guarantee optimal kernel extraction while minimizing damage to the valuable cashews.

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Elevate Your Processing with TTQ Co. Ltd.

TTQ Co. Ltd. takes pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions for the cashew processing industry, and our Raw Cashew Nut Automatic Shelling Line exemplifies this commitment. We provide not just a machine but a technological advancement that transforms your processing capabilities.

Automatic shelling machine

Unmatched Features of Our Automatic Shelling Line


Automated Precision Shelling

Experience precision at its peak with our Automatic Shelling Line. The advanced automation ensures that each cashew is delicately cracked open, maximizing kernel extraction while minimizing breakage.


Adjustable Shelling Parameters

Tailor the shelling process to your exact specifications with adjustable parameters. This flexibility allows you to optimize the machine's performance based on different cashew varieties and processing requirements.


High Shelling Capacity

Our Shelling Line boasts high capacity, capable of processing a substantial volume of raw cashews efficiently. This feature is instrumental in scaling up your operations to meet growing market demands.


Sorting Function for Quality Assurance

Ensure the highest quality in your cashew kernels with the integrated sorting function. The machine not only shells but also sorts the kernels based on size and quality, adhering to the most stringent industry standards.

fully automatic cashew nut shelling line

Robust Construction for Longevity

Built with durability in mind, our Shelling Line features a robust construction that guarantees longevity and sustained high performance. It's an investment in the long-term success of your cashew processing venture.

The robust construction ensures that the machine withstands the rigors of daily processing, providing a reliable and consistent performance over the years. This longevity translates into a valuable asset for your business.

The high shelling capacity not only improves overall processing efficiency but also positions your business to handle increased production, a crucial factor for sustained growth in the competitive cashew industry.

The sturdy construction guarantees that the machine withstands the rigors of daily processing, providing a reliable and consistent performance over the years.

Automatic Raw Cashew Nut Shelling Machine

In the realm of cashew processing, where precision and efficiency define success, our Raw Cashew Nut Automatic Shelling Line stands as a beacon of innovation. Beyond the automated cracking of cashew shells, this line represents a commitment to excellence, utilizing advanced technology to ensure optimal kernel extraction while preserving the quality of each cashew. At TTQ Co. Ltd., we don’t just provide machinery; we deliver solutions that redefine your processing capabilities. With features like automated precision shelling, adjustable parameters, high shelling capacity, sorting for quality assurance, and robust construction, our Automatic Shelling Line is more than an upgrade—it’s a transformative investment in the future of your cashew processing operation.

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