Raw Cashew Nut Steaming Machine: Precision in Processing

In the journey from orchard to table, precision in processing is paramount. Our Raw Cashew Nut Steaming Machine takes center stage in this process, delicately and efficiently cooking raw cashews to perfection, setting the foundation for premium quality cashew products.

Raw Cashew Nut Steaming Machine

This specialized machine is designed not only to cook raw cashews thoroughly but to do so with precision, ensuring optimal flavor development and maintaining the integrity of each nut.

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Elevate Your Processing with TTQ Co. Ltd.

TTQ Co. Ltd. stands as a beacon of excellence in providing advanced machinery for the cashew processing industry. Our Raw Cashew Nut Steaming Machine exemplifies our commitment to delivering not just equipment but precision instruments that transform your processing capabilities.

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Unmatched Features of Our Steaming Machine


Gentle and Even Cooking

Our Steaming Machine ensures gentle and even cooking of raw cashews, preserving their natural flavor and texture. This crucial step contributes to the overall quality of the final cashew product.


Temperature Control for Precision

Experience precision in steaming with temperature control features. The machine allows you to set and maintain the optimal temperature, ensuring consistent and precise cooking for every batch of raw cashews.


High Throughput Capacity

With a focus on efficiency, our Steaming Machine boasts high throughput capacity, allowing for the processing of large volumes of raw cashews. This feature is essential for scaling up your operations.


Rigid Steel Construction

Built to last, our Steaming Machine features a robust steel construction. This not only ensures durability but also makes the machine easy to clean, adhering to the highest standards of hygiene.

Raw Cashew Nut Steamer

User-Friendly Controls

The gentle and even cooking process guarantees that each raw cashew nut undergoes the ideal level of steaming, resulting in a product that meets the highest standards of taste and texture.

Temperature control is a game-changer, especially in cashew processing. It empowers you to fine-tune the steaming process, adapting it to different varieties of cashews and achieving the desired quality in each batch.

The high throughput capacity not only streamlines your processing workflow but also positions your business to meet the demands of a growing market, ensuring that you can handle increased production.

Direct Powered Steaming Machine

– Capacity: 300 kg/batch (45 – 60 minutes/batch)
– Installing dimension: L*W*H: 0.9*0.9*2.0 (m)
– Fuel: Steam
– The rate of steam are: 95-99%.
– Use to make cashew nut soft, easy to break
before enter in the shelling system.
– Fuel: Steam from boiler, Firewood or Gas or electricity (resistance: 45kW, 3Phase, 380V)”
– Material: steel
– Workforce: 01 people

vertical steaming machine

Boiler Powered Steaming Machine

– Capacity : 1,000 kg/batch (20-25 minutes/1 batch)
– Power : 1.5HP (1,12kW -3phase-380V)
– Installing dimension : L*W*H : 4.0*3.0*6.0m
– The rate of steam are: 98-100%.
– Steaming with saturated steam supplied from the boiler.
– Use to make cashew nut soft, easy to break before enter in the shelling system.
– Generating steam supply from Boiler.
– Material: Steel
– Workforce: 01 people

Navigate the nuances of steaming with ease through our user-friendly control. The machine is designed to be intuitive, minimizing the learning curve for your operators and ensuring seamless integration into your processing line.

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