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Cashew Peeling Machine 
2 Stage Peeling – Mechanical & Pnuematic

Advantages of Automatic peeling machine

We offer Cashew Kernel Peeling with 2 stages – Mechanical & Pnuematic together, which offers lots of advantages and better efficiency.

Our Peeling Machine design is based on latest technology incorporating both mechanical and pneumatic with automatic in-feed and semi-size sorting for finished peeled kernels.

We have multiple head machines, catering to different capacities without affecting the production quality. 

Mechanical & Pnuematic

Dual technology of Mechanical and Pnuematic (Air-Pressure) offers complete peeling effeciently.

SS 304 Contact Parts

All the machine parts which come in contact with cashew kernel are made of Food Grade SS 304 .

Lower Kernel Breakage

Broken Kernel is less than 10%. If drying and re-wetting done before peeling even lower kernel brokerage. 

Multiple Heads

We offer 1, 2, 3 , 4 Heads depending on the capacities. This helps to individually peel every kernel. 

cashew peeling machine

– Percentage of white wholes: 80-85%.
– Broken rate: <10% .
– Electrical control cabinet (with inverter control speed step less regulation) 02 automatic mode or manual
– Containers, automatic feeder vibration and bucket
– Section peeling by mechanical (rotary cage and besom)
– Section peeling by air pressure. (conveyors and shot air burner)
– The separate unbroken and broken (Axis option)
– Vacuum fans system, cyclone and through filter we got PP.
– Gas pipeline, pressure regulator valve, solenoid valve switchi 
-Workforce: 02 people


2-Stage Peeling

Low Kernel Breakage

Conveyor In-feed.

Checkout our VIDEO for the Automatic Cashew Nut Peeling Machine.

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