Sustainable Heat: Wood Chip Boiler for Cashew Processing

Experience sustainability in action with our Wood Chip Boiler—an eco-friendly powerhouse that not only generates steam for cooking cashew nuts but also provides hot air in the drying process. Fuelled by wood, biomass, pellets, or even empty cashew shells, this boiler is the heart of energy-efficient cashew processing.

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Beyond its primary function of generating steam, our Wood Chip Boiler is a versatile solution, utilizing various fuels to not only cook cashews to perfection but also contribute to the drying process, embodying sustainability at every turn.

TTQ Co. Ltd.

TTQ Co. Ltd.: Your Partner in Sustainable Cashew Processing Solutions

At TTQ Co. Ltd., we stand at the forefront of sustainable solutions for the cashew processing industry, and our Wood Chip Boiler is a testament to this commitment. We provide not just a boiler but a green energy solution that aligns with your eco-conscious aspirations.

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Advantages of Our Wood Chip Boiler


Multi-Fuel Versatility

Our Wood Chip Boiler embraces sustainability through its multi-fuel versatility. Whether it's wood, biomass, pellets, or the byproduct of cashew processing—empty cashew shells—it efficiently transforms various fuels into the energy needed for steam generation and hot air provision.


Dual Functionality: Steam Generation and Drying Support

It's not just a boiler; it's a dual-function powerhouse. Beyond generating steam for cooking cashews, our boiler seamlessly integrates into the drying process, providing hot air that contributes to the efficiency of the cashew nut drying room.


Eco-Friendly Energy Source

Embrace eco-conscious processing. The Wood Chip Boiler is an eco-friendly energy source, minimizing environmental impact by utilizing renewable fuels and contributing to the reduction of waste through the use of empty cashew shells.


Precision in Steam Temperature and Pressure

Precision matters in cashew processing. Our boiler ensures accuracy in steam temperature and pressure, providing optimal conditions for cooking cashews and maintaining the quality of the end product.

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Robust Safety Measures: The Importance of Safety Valves

Safety is our priority. Our Wood Chip Boiler is equipped with robust safety measures, with safety valves playing a crucial role. These valves ensure the release of excess pressure, preventing potential hazards and ensuring a secure operating environment.

At the core of sustainable cashew processing lies our Wood Chip Boiler—a technological marvel that goes beyond steam generation. Its multi-fuel versatility, accommodating wood, biomass, pellets, and even empty cashew shells, positions it as a beacon of sustainability.

The boiler not only fulfills the primary function of cooking cashews to perfection but seamlessly integrates into the drying process, providing hot air that enhances the efficiency of the cashew nut drying room. This dual functionality aligns with modern eco-conscious aspirations, making it a choice that transcends mere energy provision.

Embracing eco-friendliness, the Wood Chip Boiler minimizes environmental impact by utilizing renewable fuels and contributing to waste reduction through the use of empty cashew shells, turning them into a valuable energy source.

The sturdy construction guarantees that the machine withstands the rigors of daily steam generation providing a reliable and consistent performance over the years.

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Precision is paramount in cashew processing, and our boiler excels in maintaining optimal steam temperature and pressure, ensuring that each cashew undergoes cooking under conditions that preserve its quality. Safety is embedded in the design, with robust safety measures, particularly the importance of safety valves. These valves act as guardians, releasing excess pressure and preventing potential hazards, creating a secure operating environment.

In essence, our Wood Chip Boiler isn’t just a machine; it’s a commitment to sustainable, precise, and safe cashew processing. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing solutions that not only meet industry demands but also align with the values of environmental responsibility and operational safety. Choosing TTQ Co. Ltd. means embracing a sustainable future—one where every cashew processed is a result of energy efficiency, precision, and a commitment to the well-being of both the industry and the planet.

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